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Beautiful Design. Screen, and great performance.

The review about this product

Hey guys. Writing this review as an android enthusiast, coming from an Atrix 4G.


As far as this phone goes, the design is beautiful. Unibody construction, fluid design, smooth surface, semi-gripped outer finish, and glass curved into the design of the phone.

Two buttons, a single lock button, and volume control. Aux jack on top.

Front Facing camera's slightly embedded into the phone, pushed back a few mm.

Back of the phone is very minimal-single LED Flash with camera, Speaker grille on the bottom center, under the removable sticker with your Serial/etc on it.

Nonremovable battery (unfortunately), and micro-sim slot next to the lock button.

Three touch buttons on the bottom; no menu.

The screen is again, absolutely beautiful. IPS display, highest resolution on the market today. Colors are clear, perfectly saturated, and the brightness on this screen (the maximum) is blinding. Easily viewable in sunlight, or at any (yes, any) angle.

--Performance (OS and Camera)--

The phone runs a dual-core 1.5 GHZ S4 setup, unlike the global version. Personally, I've seen little to no lag going through every process, from setting up the phone, to installing new apps, to performing root operations.

Opening and closing applications is quick, no lag.

The multitasking built into sense (by HTC) works very well. I've heard of complaints about it being too aggressive, but it seems to work quite well, and memory is managed efficiently between sense, background apps, and foreground-running apps.

Sense 4.0 is the cleanest version of sense i've ever seen, and the fastest running too. No bugs yet, and all of the widgets and effects are flawless. Just the way i'd expect ICS to run.

The one flaw I had with the phone is the lack of the menu button. Using all apps, a small bar is added on the bottom of all apps running that can be used to hit menu. This is decently annoying because this shrinks the actual usable screen area, though not by much. This is also especially frustrating with third party launchers; the bar takes up valuable space.


The camera on this device is BEAUTIFUL. It shoots very fast, with a good continuous shot amount. The aperture of the lens is f/2.0, which is great. Haven't had any experience shooting lower light photos, but i'd imagine this kind of aperture performing very well in combination with the added graphics chip for the camera.

1080P Video looks very good, and photos are crisp and minimally saturated/minimally noisy. Best camera on a phone i've seen (though, iPhone 4S comes very close to beating it).

No FPS issues as displayed in some YouTube videos.

--Data Speeds, Connectivity, Calls, Speakerphone--

As far as data speeds go, I can only comment on HSPA+ connectivity. I live in an area that does not yet have LTE (at least, AT&T LTE), Long Island, NY. HSPA speeds have always been up and down on the various HSPA devices i've owned (Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G, this phone).

I can get anywhere from 1.3MBPS on an average day, to 7.9MBPS (DOWNLOAD) on a great day (or at 5AM any day of the week). Upload speeds are usually around 1MBPS, never lower than 0.9MBPS.

At the time of this review, data was measured to be: 5.97MBPS DOWN, 1.21MBPS UP, WITH 68MS PING ON HSPA at 3:24AM on 6/3/2012.

On this phone, I am getting a constantly higher data speed than on my other previous phones. The ping also appears to be lower in the various apps i've tested with; a good 50ms faster.

Connecting to data is usually snappy, though, loading some applications can be a drag. That's AT&T though, not the phone.
As soon as LTE comes into my area i'm hoping for around 20MBPS+ (DOWNLOAD) as many people have been getting not too far from me (NYC).


Signal strength on this phone seems to be very good, as many other reviewers have said. It rarely ever drops, and data connection seems to stick. SMS, MMS, and Calls are VERY FAST. Calls connect within two seconds, on average. Text messages are sent within three to five seconds (which is average) but MMS messages are sent much quicker than on any other phone i've tested. And i've owned "a few" smartphones (Backflip, Atrix, Inspire, iPhone 4, HTC One X).

Calls sounded very clear on my end, with no distortion.

On speakerphone, voices and treble did seem a bit muffled. It doesn't get very loud, and it isn't powerful at all. But it's tiny, as the back grille shows you. This phone's more of a music phone (as in headphones, using the aux jack) than speakerphone. So I understand HTC's cutting corners here.

-----Final Thoughts-----

This screen is huge. Coming from an Atrix, this phone is totally different. Though, because of how beautiful it is, I can CONFIDENTLY say I have no regrets. One suggestion I do have, for consumers- get a case. And a good one, apparently this screen breaks easily if dropped.

Other than the size, everything about this phone is beautiful.

The following things are rated from 1-10.

Design: 10
Weight: 10
Price: 10
Connectivity (Data): 9
Speed (Data at Time of Review): 8
OS and Software (Preloaded): 10
Storage Space Available: 7
Expandability (Space): 6 [No SD Slot, though the 23GB of DropBox is GREATLY appreciated]
Camera (Photo/Video): 10
Carrier: 7
Calls, Audio: 10
Battery: 8
******* *******
Overall Rating, out of 100: 93%

If you have any questions about my review, or this phone in specific, feel free to leave a comment on this review.

Good luck.

Get This One HTC One X 4G Android Phone, Gray (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)


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